Thursday, March 15, 2012

Facebook and Twitter Merge Into 'Hudld"

LUBBOCK, Texas, March 14, 2012 -- 

The new app for your iPhone, Hudld, that combines Twitter and Facebook into one
timeline, has seen a lot of growth since its launch just over a week ago. This is mainly attributed to its "buzz"
across social channels such as Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

When the online tech news agency picked up the story, the chatter picked up quite a bit.
Resulting in just over 600 "shares" coming directly from Mashable's site within a couple of hours. During that timeframe, Hudld was the 6th most mentioned word on Twitter within a 3-hour time span.

According to Brian Ash, head of SanctumSoft, the startup that released Hudld, "We never expected such a wide range of adoption from the social community in such a short period of time.

Of course you love to see it, but reality told us to brace for slow growth. Given the release of the iPad 3 andthe annual SXSW events, we assumed Hudld would be a low priority in the headlines for the tech world. Thankfully,we've seen a much different response."

Hudld is expected to release versions in the near future that will drastically increase the usability for its
clients. The addition of Google+ and LinkedIn were mentioned. Also, the next major update is said to include an RSS / news feature, along with an overhaul of the direct messages feature and the addition of Facebook chat.

The coming update in review enables people to turn the ads off, fixes a few kinks, and addresses the issue of the "small font" voiced by some of early its adopters.

Though the numbers for app metrics are closely guarded by their publishers, it is known that Hudld is seeing numbers at least north of 10,000. Typically, at this point in a launch, apps in the social networking category see about 1/25th of that in a good scenario, so obviously there is something to this new little app.

Hudld isn't perfect; in fact, Brian had mentioned that "it's technically a beta release, we're just trying to gauge what the users want to see next, and how we need to format those changes as we roll them out." From the surface, it appears to be just another client aggregate, but dig a bit deeper,and you can see the possibilities and plans for expansion are quite vast.

All things considered, t his is the first version that can be seen now, but some "sneak peeks" reveal much more robust app is on its way. Hudld is definitely something to watch in the coming days.

Blooger now has a share option and Rightardia can cross post to both Twitter and Facebook. We hope booger kppts up with Hudid because the ability to efficiently cross post to multiple sites is great.

So far we have been unable to find out any additional information on Hudid.

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