Thursday, March 15, 2012

DCCC: GOP House of Scandal

March 2012

Did Mary Bono Mack cheat on her taxes? The California Republican is at the center of a political storm with
allegations swirling that she may have illegally benefited from tax breaks that are worth thousands of dollars.

Bono Mack, who is married to Florida Congressman and Republican Senate hopeful Connie Mack, have both claimed homestead exemptions on their residences in Fort Myers and Palm Springs.

The Florida Constitution, however, prohibits any individual or “family unit” from claiming more than one homestead exemption.
In defending the dual homestead exemptions, an attorney for the Congresswoman’s husband has claimed that the couple have kept their finances separate, which entitles them to the exemptions.

But, according to the Tampa Tribune,“financial disclosure forms Mack files annually as a member of Congress could suggest otherwise.”

The Lee County Property appraiser in Florida is investigating if the couple broke any laws.

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