Friday, March 9, 2012

CS Monitor: Rush Limbaugh vs. Bill Maher: Which one's words were worse?

"Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has landed in big trouble for calling Georgetown University Law School student Sandra Fluke harsh names. But has liberal comedian Bill Maher escaped unscathed despite doing pretty much the same thing to other women?
That’s the charge some conservatives are making as the Limbaugh-Fluke flap enters its second week. They’re demanding that President Obama call on the "super PAC" that supports him to refuse a $1 million donation from Maher."
Conservative activist Penny Nance, executive director of Concerned Women for America, said:
Mr. Obama needs to publicly disassociate himself from Priorities USA [super PAC] and cease all further fundraising in support of the organization, until they return Mr. Maher’s contribution immediately>

Here we go again comparing apples to oranges. Bill Maher is a real wit, comedian and humorist while Limbaugh is a bellicose exaggerator who rarely says anything funny.

Comparing Maher to Rush is like comparing a Mercedes to a Yugo.

Rush is on Talk Radio and Maher is on HBO which means you would have to have cable to even see Maher's show.

Rightardia hope Ms. Nance doesn't hold her breath waiting for Obama to return Maher's contribution. 

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