Friday, March 23, 2012

Catholics and the Tea Party: Not our cup of tea

Catholics don't have much use for the Tea Party or Republican ideas on taxes. This is an excerpt form a survey in US Catholic magazine:

"1. As a Catholic, I see nothing wrong with supporting the Tea Party.

Agree - 28%
Disagree - 68%
Other - 4%

2. In general, the current tax system in the United States is:

62% Too much of a burden on the middle class; the rich should pay more.
16% Unbalanced. Everyone should pay a flat tax.
14% Mostly fair but can be adjusted to better distribute the tax burden more evenly.
6% Totally unfair. Everyone is overtaxed.
1% As good as it can be in making sure everyone pays their fair share.
1% Too much of a burden on the rich; the poor and middle class should pay more.

3. Catholics are called to care for one another only through individual charity and sacrifice, not through paying taxes that fund government programs. 

Agree - 18%
Disagree - 73%
Other - 9%"

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