Saturday, March 10, 2012

Can you imagine Simple Rick as commander in chief?

Rick Santorum thinks since the economy is improving, the Republican candidates need to focus on Iran

Santorum  explained:

That may be the issue of the day come this fall -- a nuclear Iran. Or on the precipice of it [with] Israel potentially having to go to war to stop that development, 

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul countered: 

For years, Governor Romney has been talking about the threat from the Iranian regime and offering strong policies to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability. He is the only remaining Republican candidate to offer a comprehensive foreign policy and national security strategy that paints a bold contrast with Barack Obama's naive policies of weakness and appeasement. 

Rightardia thinks neither candidate has a clue on foreign policy. Romney is a Mormon who thinks he has Jewish heritage.

Contemporary Mormons use the terms "House of Israel" and "House of Joseph" to refer to themselves.

The Book of Mormon tells of families of the Tribe of Manasseh and the Tribe of Ephraim which are the sub-tribes of the House of Joseph.

Santorum is a christo-fascist who would probably be happy to herald the end of the world so Jesus can return. 

Certainly one of the presidential debates will be US foreign policy. One can only imagine the subterfuge the GOP candidates will try to use to justify a regional middle eastern war that could lead to World War III.

Appeasement is a favorite term of Republicans who have never had a clear grasp of history. With the US coming out of the Great Recession, Cowboy diplomacy that leads to a regional war is not something America needs. 

This a reference to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain policies to avoid war towards Nazi Germany that have been the subject of intense debate.  Of interestNeville Chamberlain,  was a conservative leader. 

Wikipedia explains: 

The word "appeasement" has been used as a synonym for weakness and even cowardice since the 1930s, and it is still used in that sense to denounce policies and behaviors that conflict with firm, often armed, action in international relations. 

The real issues
  1. At what cost does the Unites states have to support a small country of 7 million people? 
  2. Is Iran as a nuclear power a threat to the US? Granted, a nuclear Iran is threat to Israel, but Israel often reminds the US it is a sovereign nation. 
  3. Israel wants Iran to disband it nuclear program while the Israeli nuclear program remains intact. Perhaps both countries can disarm. This option is not likely to be on the table. 
  4. What is the potential for a regional war? 
  5. What is the potential for a regional war that expands to World War III? 
  6. What would the cost be for a war with Iran? 
  7. What is the probable outcome of a war with Iran?
  8. The big issue is, of course, Palestine, an issue that Israel has not been able to come to grips with for 60 years. 

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