Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Buzz | Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Scott signs drug testing for state workers bill

Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Monday a controversial proposal to allow Florida agencies to randomly test state workers for drugs.
The proposal, which has been clouded over questions about its constitutionality, passed the House and the Senate in the final week of this year’s legislative session.
The Drug Free Workplace Act will allow state agencies to randomly test up to 10 percent of their workforce once every three months. It will also allow agencies to fire employees the first time they test positive for drugs. Current law only allows random drug testing for “safety sensitive” positions . . ."
The new law countermands court cases which have clearly state this sort of drug testing is only appropriate fore employees in public safety positions like the police and fire fighters.

Gov. Scott signs drug testing for state workers bill | Florida politics blog: The Buzz | Tampa Bay Times

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