Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arizona Republicans Want To Force Women Workers To Prove why They’re Using Birth Control Pills


Republicans in Arizona want employers to be able to force women workers to prove they’re using birth control pills for medical reasons and not just contraception. Jesse Russell reports. 
A new Arizona bill has opponents concerned that female employees could be fired for using contraceptives. 
Majority Whip Debbie Lesko penned the bill which allows employers to ask employees to show they’re using birth control pills for specifically non-reproductive reasons. 
Opponents are concerned that an employer who opposes the use of birth control could fire women who refuse to share their medical information due to privacy concerns or are possibly using birth control to prevent pregnancies instead of for medical reasons. 
Lesko is quoted by the Arizona State Press as saying her legislation is about “the First Amendment” and she introduced it because theUnited States “is not the Soviet Union.” 
In addition to concerns over discrimination and the right to privacy opponents have also expressed that such legislation gives employers the right to impose personal religious beliefs on employees which goes against the concept of religious freedom. 

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