Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart kicks the bucket at 43

Andrew Breitbart probably never had time to develop a bucket list. He was hard right ideologue who had been bankrolling the punk, James O’Keefe

Bretbart was not trained in journalism and it showed. He was a Neanderthal who thought he could take down the so-called left wing media establishment. He also had little grasp of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS)  movement which was primarily supported by independents.

He thought the entire OWS movement is a leftist conspiracy to destabilize capitalism with anarchists and ACORN as well.

If this moron knew more about politics, he would know that Libertarians also have a lot of anarchists and minarchists in their movement, too. 

Breitbart also tried to crash Netroots which has a stiff registration fee. The liberal and progressive journalists knew who he was and booted him out.

Breitbart struck Rightardia as a sensationalist who was not particularly bright. 

He was another Jeff Gannon of Talon News.

Update: A poster on Bartcop named Bsmasher thought Breitbart got some bad cocaine. Rightrdia thinks this is plausible in view of body of work Breitbart completed.

"The heart attack that kills quickly is called the Widow Maker. 
You have 5 minutes to get on the operating table, otherwise, death is certain."   


Not sure what Rightrdia means? The  "a" stands for "adios." 

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