Friday, March 30, 2012

AFL-CIO: Sen. Harkin’s “Rebuild America Act” Is Visionary And Inspiring

Senator Tim Harkin

By Doug Cunningham

Iowa Senator Tim Harkin is introducing the “Rebuild America Act”, a sweeping grand vision of how we can rebuild an economy that lasts for all Americans. AFL-CIO Director of Government Affairs Bill Samuel stated:

Senator Harkin has introduced a very comprehensive bill. It’s really a progressive vision for the country to rebuild the middle class, put people back to work, strengthen families. It’s everything you’d like t see our government do that’s it not doing now.

Harkin’s “Rebuild America Act” includes $300 billion for infrastructure, strengthens Social Security and makes it easier for workers to join unions.

And it pays for these things in part by creating a Wall Street speculation tax, ending tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs and raising the capital gains tax while closing the carried interest loophole for the rich.

Samuel says it’s rare for members of Congress these days to come up with a truly alternative vision to the austerity programs pushed by the political right, the wealthy and big business. Like Harkin, Samuel believes if politicians campaign on this they can win. Samuel added:

This bill actually is a vision. It paints a picture about how we can share prosperity among all Americans, putting people back to work, rebuilding our infrastructure, repairing our safety net and insisting that shared sacrifice start at the top. So this is the kind of vision that is so lacking in politics right now, that if people would open their ears and eyes I think they would be very impressed with what Senator Harkin has done.

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