Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WIN: Florida legislature to consider proposed minimum wage decrease for tipped workers

The Florida Senate bill (SPB 7201) would slash Florida's minimum wage for tipped workers such as servers and bartenders. 

The largest restaurant group in Florida has refused to weigh-in on an effort to reduce wages for tipped workers in the state. 

Darden Group, which owns restaurants such as Red Lobster, issued a statement that due to economic conditions this is “not the right time” to be having a discussion about cutting wages for servers. 

The bill would see the minimum wage for tipped workers cut from $4.65 per hour to the federal minimum of $2.13 per hour. 

However, the proposal does include a guarantee for employees of nearly $10 per hour for tips and wages combined. 

OSI, a restaurant group that owns businesses such as Outback, has said it supports the measure. 

During a rally last week led by UNITE-Here restaurant employee Erica Feliciano said the move was a step backwards.Ms.  Feliciano  said:

 Minimum wage is $4-something an hour and they want to cut it by $2 - I feel like we’re going back 10 years ago.

OSI is a notorous right wing company that opposed increases to the Florida minimum wage when Charlie Crist was governor. 

The Rightardia staff doesn't frequent any of the OSI restaurants. 

Secular Human received gift cards to one of the OSI restaurants and were amazed by the amount of salt in the meal. Many restaurants add salt to their servings to increase drink sales. 

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