Monday, February 6, 2012

Romney Campaign Drops effective Debate Coach

February 5, 2012 (2:09)

Reports say the frontrunner’s campaign was displeased with the amount of credit the coach received for Romney's improved performance in Florida.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is parting ways with a debate coach — the man credited with the candidate’s recently improved on-stage performance. In Team Romney’s eyes, that might have been too much credit. POLITICO reports.

After (debate coach Brett) O’Donnell was ... highlighted … as being one of the reasons behind the former Massachusetts governor’s improved debate performances, Romney campaign officials grew uneasy ... it was made clear that there was severe discomfort about how his role was being portrayed in the media ...

Rightardia's advise to Mittens: Don't look at a gift horse in the mouth.Brett O’Donnell appears to have made a huge diffidence in the Jacksonville debate which started the rapid decline of The Newster.
Sources: Politico Bloomberg NBC News NPR The American Prospect The New York Times CNN Yahoo!

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