Monday, February 13, 2012

Newsy: Small North Dakota university issues bogus degrees

A suicide, campus lockdown and fake degrees. All those elements are making for a dramatic storyline at a small university in North Dakota.

“Imagine getting a college degree, without doing any work. That is apparently what’s happened at Dickinson State University.”

“Since 2003, the school awarded diplomas to more than 500 foreign students, mostly from China, who did not earn them.”

The discovery came as the result of an audit. And shortly after it’s finding were released, a school dean and professor committed suicide.

Rightrdia has some first hand experience with foreign students who came to the US to attend college at a  "for profit" school. Some foreign students from affluent families did not expect to do much work or even to have to attend  class. 

Some colleges will do anything to accommodate such students. 

This college is not afilated with the prestigious Dickinson collge in Carlisle, PA. 

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