Sunday, February 19, 2012

Michele Bachmann advocates Middle Eastern regional war

Michele Bachmann said at CPAC: 

His strategic blunder is putting distance between the U.S. and Israel. 

That has a far more calculable impact on the United States and our safety.

How do a close relationship with Israel ensure US safety? 

John Mearsheimer called U.S. support for Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians “a major cause” of terrorism.

A State Department advisory group concluded “Citizens of these (Islamic) countries are genuinely distressed by the plight of the Palestinians and the role the United States appears to be playing. As John Mearsheimer explains:

Not surprisingly, that anger helps fuel terrorism against the United States.

Neo-conservatives led a willing US into the Iraq war. What did we learn after dropping $ one trillion on a fruitless war?

If we were to accede to Israel's wishes in iran, the US would be drawn into a regional war that could escalate into a world war.

Michele Bachmann is advocating that the US support Israel's grand design to neutralize Iran in a regional war. It is clear the Us would prefer a cold war to an armed confrontation that could involve China and Russia.

Clearly President Obama's policy is far more sane than the close relationship with Israel that Michele Bachmann is advocating that would likely embroil the US intro another costly war. 

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