Monday, February 27, 2012

Income tax and "divide and conquer"

Rightardia was reading some excerpts in an editorial from Matt Tiabbi in which he stated the GOP may get what it deserves in the next election, Tiabbi also pointed out the the GOP prefers to throw bombs at Democrats rther than develop a coherent political agenda of its own.

Tiabbi went on that president Obama will probably be elected, but that he hardly deserves it.

Rightardia likes Obama, but agrees that he has not been as effective as we had hoped.The Bush tax cuts are still around and unions are being attacked at the state level by Republican governors. Unions are becoming weaker during Obama's term.

The Bush tax cuts are not affordable and that should have been Obama's first order of business. Republicans lament that half of Americans do not pay taxes. This is why:  the second tax bracket. 

The Bush tax cut this bracket form 28 per cent to 15 per cent. Most people who make under $30,000 per year now pay no taxes.

single 15% Bracket$8,701 – $35,350jointly $17,401 – $70,700

The Republicans, particularly, Rush Limbaugh, would have you think that the dearth of people who don't pay income tax was caused by liberals. Actually, his phenomena was caused by GW Bush.

Ricky the Rightard was at the office and explained. that everyone needs to pay income taxes. Secular Human pointed out that the bottom half of American income earners take in about 13 per cent of the national income and the lowest tax bracket (bottom qunitel) takes in about 5 per cent.

There is no pound of flesh to get from these wage earners.

Let's say that many of these low income Americans start paying income tax. Many will have to hire a tax person to fill out a 1040-EZ. Let's say the this new taxpayer finds out he owes the government $25. He writes the check and mails in the tax payment. 

Now the government is flooded with these small tax payments from millions of new tax payers. Will the government be able to process the form and deposit theses payments to make a revenue gain (profit)? 

This is unlikely and this is why some people don't pay taxes. It is not cost effective to process the transaction. Most people making $14,000 a year or less are at the federal poverty level. 

Of course, the "divide and conquer" tactics of the GOP make good talking points on Talk Radio for people like Rush and Micheal Savage. 

The general themes of these demagogues is that the poor, women, blacks, Hispanics, foreigners, Muslims and other minorities are dragging down the the 'white, christian society" that the founders had in mind. 

This canard does not hold water. The GOP bombs are designed to mislead the middle class. 

If you want to peak at early American colonial history, Alexis de Tocqueville is a good place to start. De Tocqueville was aware of the divisiveness between the New England and Southern colonies in the 1830s. He was not the least bit impressed with southern politics and slavery. 

What Obama has done is unite a most of the middle calls against regressive GOP policies that provide perks to the affluent , the defense industry and Fortune 500 corporations. 

The GOP know a united middle class is difficult to beat in an election. It's approach is divide the middle class by pitting it against the poor, women, minorities and the Islamic religion. 
Is Rick Santorum the anti-Christ or just horribly misguided? 

This is why religious and social issues are important to the GOP than the economic conditions. The Republican clod, Rick Santorum, personifies what is wrong with the GOP. 

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