Saturday, February 11, 2012

NMA: French parents are superior

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Author Pamela Druckerman claims French parents are superior in her new book, Bringing Up Bébé (French Children Don't Throw Food in the UK).

As she explains in a piece for the Wall Street Journal, Druckerman believes French parents are more skilled at raising children because of their laid-back approach. 

While many Americans obsess over every aspect of their young children's lives, French parents tend to give their kids more space, allowing them to explore and learn things on their own. This also opens up opportunities for more "adult time" among spouses.

Teaching children patience is also paramount in French homes. For example, restrictions are placed on snacking, and meals are only provided at their designated times. 

Measures like these are essential to French parents' standard of cadre, or "frame," in which children are permitted to play and flourish within a set of rigid boundaries.

Can Druckerman become the next parenting guru? She'll have to get past "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua first.

Druckerman's book is sure to anger conservatives who despise anything that is French. 


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