Monday, February 13, 2012

Fox News tries to spin Contraception Coverage

Ralph Reed explains to Sean Hannity how the Obama ruling on contraception will tear the social fabric apart in the case of the safety net for the poor. Of course, the ruling on insurance providing a birth control prescriptions has marginal effect on homeless shelters or food depositories for the poor.

The Catholic Church is doing a fine job of helping the poor compared to most protestant churches that provide lip service and occasional annual events , but do little else.

When GW Bush was president, he proposed turning the US welfare system over to the churches. Church leaders showed little interest in Bush's idea.

Ellen Ratner tried to make the case for birth control coverage,  but Hannity cut her off and changed the subject with an irrelevant  abstract question: Do you believe in religious freedom?

Hannity also suggested that Ratner's contention that 53 per cent of Catholic women want birth control coverage was untrue. Hannity always has to have the last word, doesn't he?

Ratner was right and Hannity was not. See

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