Saturday, February 4, 2012

Driftglass: Support the Girl Scouts

Rightardia has talked about the alternate universe conservatives have created for itself. It gets its news from Talk Radio and Fox News because mainstream media confuses the right with facts.

The right has its own alternate history of the US. The American revolution was led by Conservative Founders. the Civil War was fought over state's rights and the Great Depression was caused by Democrats. Republicans gave voting rights to black Americans in the mid-sixties.

Blue Gal of Driftglass pointed out that The right wing has their panties in a real twist about teaching girls to have enough self-esteem to take care of themselves, and be accepting of others regardless of how they might be different. Is teaching intolerance more Christian?

Blue Gal of Driftglass mentioned that  many camp counselors were, um, tomboys at at her daughter's Girl Scout summer camp last year. It has ALWAYS been that way, yes, even in the fifties. ESPECIALLY in the fifties.

Blue Gal added:

Check out Smith College or any other majority-woman institution. They are where the girls are, and that's not predatory, it's just human. Lesbians and the transgendered are not a threat to our daughters, get over it.

If Girl Scouts aren't selling the cookies in your area, see

Several of the cookie varieties are vegan, which, are very popular with commies and socialists.

Buy some cookies from a girl scout. It's been an American tradition for decades. 

source: Driftglass

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