Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big national Democratic victory is brewing

You can see the fear in the GOP eyes already. The GOP already know it will lose the presidency and the House and will have to make its stand in the Senate.

Pollster Stuart Rothenberg connected described the fear among Republican leaders of a colossal missed opportunity next November: “Will GOP Risk Goldwater II with Newt Gingrich in 2012?

If the Obama win is 2012 is big enough, The Democrats could also win the Senate.

The floundering in the GOP primary makes it clear the GOP know it has no one who can beat Obama. Republicans are already talking about drafting another candidate in the Tampa convention.

What can save the GOP: three things.

1. Super Pac spending
2. Congressional Redistricting
3. Nominate a strong mystery candidate for president at the Tampa Convention.

Two names Rightardia has seen are Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. Jeb was lack luster Florida governor and the public hasn't yet forgotten the GW bush presidential debacle.

Rightardia thinks it is too early for another Bush in the Oval Office.

Chris Christie could be a formidable opponent, but will he run?

Rightardia doesn't think selling Republicans as true conservatives will win them any points with Democrats or independents. Nor will pushing defense help them.

The one trick GOP pony "tax cuts" won't help because the Bush tax cuts are still in effect. The public figured out in the last election that GOP tax cuts benefit top earning Americans, not the middle class.

So what is left in the GOP arsenal?

Not much!


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