Friday, January 27, 2012

WMR: Update on Andrew Adler who advocated the assasination of President Obama

The Secret Service is investigating Andrew Adler. The Israel Firster community is trying to make Adler look like a lone nut. 

To the contrary, his paper employs the co-chair of Atlanta chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, someone who has attended meetings with Israel's Consul General in Atlanta Opher Aviran. 

Therefore, Adler's threat of a Mossad assassination of the President of the United States is more than idle. 

And where is Adler's middle name in all these reports? It has been standard policy for assassins and those involved in plots to assassinate our presidents to have their entire names reported  -- it is intended to make them look like the criminals that they are by providing police report-type personal data. 

Not so in Adler's case. There is nothing "lone wolf" about Adler's threat. 

The Mossad is the most dangerous foreign intelligence agency operating on American soil, exactly because of the influence of people like Adler, Sheldon Adelson, Micky Arison, Sumner Redstone, Joe Lieberman, and other Israel Firsters. 

Just take a look at who is part of Adler's cabal in Atlanta from the pages of his own newspaper:

The cabal, including the Governor of Georgia, should be investigated by the Secret Service and FBI. They are all potential co-conspirators with Mossad to assassinate President Obama. 

This is what the Secret Service is supposed to do: investigate a threat to the president's friends and family. 

Article provided by Wayne Madsen Reports 

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