Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Highlights of the GOP SC debate

The SC debate provides a good run down of the views of the GOP candidates. Rick Perry hits Romney on releasing his income tax. 

Mittens, who did not graduate form college and worked as a corporate raider, claims he understands the economy. 

The Newster gets up on his high horse about about poor black kids leaning work ethics by being janitors in schools. 

Such a school work program would stigmatize poor minority students even more. 

Rick Perry claims that SC is at war with the federal government. He cites federal scrutiny of SC voting law changes and new immigration laws as being unconstitutional. 

Perry suggest that state labor "right to work" laws preempt the National Labor Relations Board. This is demagoguery because the manufacturer that threatened to move his plant to SC was violating federal labor law. 

It seems Perry wants to fight the civil war all over again. Certainly Perry has to be aware of the federal supremacy clause in the US Constitution. 

Mittens want to appeal the Dream Act which helps the sons and daughters of long term illegal immigrants. Of course, the GOP wants to stem the tide of Hispanic immigrants because they know white Americans will be a minority in the next 10 to 15 years. 

This is also why the GOP tinkers with state voting laws. It to suppress voting. A light voter turnout benefits the GOP. 

Perry criticizes Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for calling the urination episode in Afghanistan despicable. He tries to make a moral equivalency with the beheading of Daniel Pearl which is demagoguery and an bad analogy. 

The US invaded Afghanistan and our troops have to understand that urinating on dead Afghans hurts the Armed Forces and helps the Taliban.

The US is trying to negotiate with the Taliban so US forces can be withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Marine picture certainly didn't help the Us with these negotiations. 

Panetta had every right to be shocked by the picture of the Marines. 

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