Friday, January 27, 2012

Sabato's Crystal Ball: The Newt-Mare

Electoral results if Newt win the GOP nod

Washington Whispers had an article Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball. Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley, at the U.Va. Center for Politics makes political predictions for the presidency, gubernatorial races and the US House and Senate. See

The U. VA Center for Politics suggest that the Democrats could retake the House and hold onto the Senate if the Newster gets the GOP nomination. On the generic Republican ballot that assumes Mittens is the candidate, the GOP does better and takes the Senate and has a shot at the presidency. 

Mittens won the day last night in perhaps what was the best GOP debate of the series. Rightardia expects Romney to win Florida which is the first big primary state. Newt has one big donor and is unlikely to get more after his performance last night. 

The Crystal ball web site has a 12 minute video on the election that is too long to embed in this article. Check it out:

Rightardia's views on Romney are simple. He is the one per cent candidate and his tax policies would be a continuation of GW Bush's. Romney and Gingrich both have expressed Zionist views that could push the US into a war with Iran. 

When Romney was running for president in the 2008 GOP primary, Rightardia took a close look at Mittens.

Mittens was a 'do-nothing governor" who vetoed at least 800 bills in 4 years, and most of his vetoes were overturned. He even alienated GOP politicians in the MA senate. 

Mittens left office with a 30 per cent favorability rating which is probably why he didn't run for reelection.

Mittens would be  a gridlock president. 

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