Sunday, January 15, 2012

Police corruption in New York

Two cops in Upstate New York are under investigation for allegedly planting narcotics in the car of a couple pulled over in the city of Utica.

The incident, which occurred on February 11, 2011, is being reexamined nearly a year later after the cops involved in the caper have been caught on tape creating “evidence” and placing narcotics in the suspects’ automobile.

The recording of the incident, unbeknownst to the officers, was being made by the camera in their own squad car.

The Utica Phoenix newspaper has come in possession of the recording and has since uploaded an excerpt of the footage to the Web. In the clip, a Utica Police Department officer is seen ushering a suspect in handcuffs away from his vehicle, then approaching the driver-side door, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a small baggie. The officer then crawls into the car, appears to drop the item in question and shortly thereafter exits the vehicle with the drugs that were allegedly confiscated from the car.

According to the Venice Ervin of a local NAACP chapter, the clip clearly shows Officer Paul Paladino, a white officer, planting evidence in the car of two black suspects.

In a related story, Stephan Anderson, a former New York police detective, has testified saying planting drugs on innocent citizens was a common occurrence for NYPD officers to meet their quota for arrests.

Anderson’s testimony led to the apprehension of eight NYPD officers in one of the biggest corruption scandals in the Brooklyn South and Queens Narcotics units.


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