Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Newt unlikely to catch Mittens after Florida

Rightardia expects Mittens to trounce The Newtster tomorrow and maintain his monetum all the way to the convention in Tampa.

Mittens has a strong campaign organization and Newt does not. In addition, the Tea Party is on the ropes and endorsements form Sarah Palin and Michael Reagan haven't done much for The Newster.

Take a look at the upcoming primaries and cauceses. There are seven elections in February, which starts with the Nevada caucuses Saturday. Nevada is next to Mitt's home state of Utah and Intrade has already projected a Romney win there. 

Next will be  contests next week in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine and a non-binding primary in Missouri. 

After a 17-day break,  primaries in Arizona and Michigan will follow on Feb. 28.

Southern conservative credentials won't help Newt in any of these states. In fact, playing a strong conservative card may be a detrimental in these states. 

Without some unforeseen events, Mittens should have strong delegate lead by March.

Mittens should also endeavor to keep Rick Santroum in the race to siphon off the evangelical vote from Newt. Newt stupidly made a public ultimatum that Santorum should resign the primary  horse race.

Why?  Because Newt wants the Christian conservative votes. 

Newt would have been smarter to try to work something out with Santorum on his primary withdrawal off camera. 

Rick Santorum turned the tables on new by charging him with "grandiosity in the SC debate" He reminded the audience that mere weeks earlier, Gingrich declared himself to be the winner of the nomination. Santorum mocked Gingrich's demand that he drop out of the race.

Can Mittens be stopped. Rightardia doubts it. 

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