Sunday, January 15, 2012

Florida family contributes half of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's primary war chest

Nily Falic

Benjamin Natanyahu wants to be the Likud candidate in the next Israeli election. He has raised nearly $870,00 for his primary.

What it interesting is that half of his campaign funds came from a US family.

Members of a single American family have donated half of what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has raised for his Likud party primary campaign in the past few weeks.

Several of the donors have been mentioned in Israle's Channel 10's "Bibitours" investigative reports.

The prime minister may be allowing donors to finance his trips abroad.

The most prominent name among the prime minister's donors is that of the Falics, a Florida family that owns Duty Free Americas, a large chain of duty-free shops that operates in 13 airports and along the United States' northern and southern borders.

Nily Falic is the national president of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces in the United States.

Jana Falic, is president of WIZO-USA.

The family members who contributed to Netanyahu were Nily's recently deceased husband, Chaim, their son, Leon; another son, Jerome; and her daughter, Jana, along with her husband Simon. Each of them donated $11,000.

The family has also become involved in U.S. elections, and in recent years has donated a total of more than $100,000 to various candidates, both Republicans and Democrats.

The Falic family was mentioned in one of the Channel 10 investigations as a Netanyahu donor who had not been reported to the state comptroller.

Netanyahu's lawyer said after the broadcast aired that some $15,000 had been returned to the family.

Update: The Falic Family Foundation, Inc. has a location in Hollywood, FL. Active officers include Simon Falic, Jerome Falic, Leon Falic, Fima Falic and Nily Falic.

The Falic Family Foundation, Inc. is a Domestic Non Profit Corporation in the state of Florida that is currently active. Simon Falic serves as the registered agent for this organization.

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