Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Florida chamber of Commerce is against Casino Gambling

Rightardia received some very slick mail from the Florida Chamber today on casino gambling. It said casino gambling will do for Florida what is did for Nevada:

  • highest unemployment
  • highest foreclosure rate
  • highest violent crime rate
  • the most personal bankruptcies
We checked the Florida chamber web site which is probably maintained by an ad agency or a former ad agency artist. The site is beautiful. See

We also found an October 13 2011 chamber article on casino gambling:

The Florida Chamber of Commerce won’t be backing an expansion of casino gambling in South Florida.
The Tallahassee-based organization’s president Mark Wilson, in Orlando Thursday on business, reiterated the chamber’s 20-year-old position against expanding casino gambling in the state.
“Florida is on the map now for high-wage, high-skilled jobs,’’ Wilson said. “We just don’t think we should sell out Florida’s long term future for the opportunity to make a quick buck.’’

The Florida chamber mail asks recipients to contact the local state senator. We plan to do just that

The web site also had a Florida scorecard:

See for more data on he scorecard. 

Bravo to the Florida Chamber for a sensible call on casino gambling and for its outstanding web site

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