Friday, January 27, 2012

Driftglass: The lament of a CEO

DriftGlass lifted the Lament from  the comment section of this New Yorker article

The DriftGlass editor added one additional line at the end. Rightardia modified the last line slightly.

The Lament of the CEO

I didn't complain when we sent the assembly jobs overseas because I'm not an assembly worker.

I wasn't concerned when we sent the tech support to India because I'm not in tech support.

I didn't sweat when we sent the R&D overseas because I'm not a scientist.

I wasn't worried when we sent finance, legal, and marketing overseas because I'm not a marketer, or a lawyer, or a finance person.

Now one of my former suppliers is selling a new product just like mine, but for half what I can sell it for.

I won't complain now, either, because I'm too busy looking for a new job.

Curse those damn off-shorers for doing this to me!

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