Thursday, December 29, 2011

The easy toilet fix: HydroClean

HydroClean toilet assembly

These toilet assemblies are superior to others Rightardians have used over the years. The assembly costs around $15. Make sure you also purchase a flapper valve if your unit doesn't come with one. 

These units are easy to install. Make sure you turn off the water supply to the toilet before you start. You will need an adjustable wrench or pliers to remove the water supply nut. Pull out the old unit and replace. Secure the unit to the tank with the click tight nut (1-3 audible clicks). 

Connect the single blue tubing to the assembly and the overflow tube. Then hook up the J-tube to the water supply at the bottom of the assembly. The j-tube should lay to the right and the back of the tank. 

Reattach the water supply and tighten the water supply nut. That's it. 

Still confused ? Check out the manufacturer;s web site at MJSI web site or look for You Tube video installations. There are several on this product. 

If you can't remember the name of the manufacturer, make sure the unit has a blue top. Some Hydroclean assemblies have a 6-year warranty. 

Hydroclean has a new product that converts an older toilets to a push button unit. How clever! This unit costs about $25. 
MJSI has definitely invented some better mousetraps.

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