Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linux Mint 11.04 rocks

Rightrdia has been using Ubuntu Linux until it installed the latest 11.04 release with its Unity desktop.

The menuing system was different and many of the applications like Screenshot were missing. There were no applets to install on the taskbar either.

After two days of use, we dumped Ubuntu 11.04 and installed Linux mint 11.04. Both Ubuntu and Mint are Debian forks so Linux mint was a good option if you were as repelled by the Unity desktop as Rightardia was.

We did have trouble with network connection--both wired and wireless. Apparently, the updater in Mint was the problem. We used the Ailurus utility to install the new update manger and the next series of updates fixed the problem with network connections.

If you are interested in Linux Mint Katyas, check out

It describes all of the features of this latest Mint release.

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