Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China Daily: The international view of the Palestinian quest for statehood

The conventional US and Israeli wisdom is that Palestine must reach a peace agreement with Israel to gain statehood.

Rightardia can not think of another nation in the world that had such a 'pre-qualification."

Rightardia thinks Palestine and Israel should agree to disagree. Israel has had 60 years to reach an agreement and had been torpedoing peace initiatives since the Camp David accords.

"The Quartet" which includes the US and it European allies is trying to get Israel and Palestine to the peace table for one last effort. Benjamin Netanyahu is saying Israel will have no preconditions but Israel is continuing a building expansion in East Jerusalem.

Israel plans to build 1,100 homes in Jerusalem's contested Gilo neighborhood. Palestine won't come to the table unless this building project is stopped.

Both Palestine and the US have made lucrative offers to Israel that have been rejected. Rightardia suspects any new peace initiative will ultimately fall apart.

Time is on the side of the Palestinians and they know it. Israel stupidly thew away it alliance with Turkey. If Turkey were to enter the next middle eastern fray against Israel, Israel could be obliterated.

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