Saturday, August 27, 2011

Man invented God

John Lennon write these lyrics "no heaven … no hell below us … and no religion too."

In an LA times article, scientists support the conclusion that it was humans who created God, it was not the other way around.

Of interest, ancient priests often use the science of hydraulics and pneumatics to magically open temple doors and to make statutes weep to convince people of a supernatural presence. Of course, this mystical religion  always supported the local king and state against the gods in the next village.

Most early religions were polytheistic because each village and city had their own god. When a king gained control over a region, a a pantheon of god and goddesses were incorporated into this regional religion that respected the god of each village. 

Monotheism originated in Egypt. Pharaoh Akhenaten abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, the sun god. Of course, Pharaoh Akhenaten was descended from Aten. This was an early version of the divine right of kings.

Of course, the French discovered it was easy to remove the heads of nobles and kings, so the Divine right of Kings theory quickly fell out of fashion. 

Many Christians think Judaism was a monotheistic religion but Jaweh was created by El or Elohim and Jahweh had a wife named Asherah. Asherah was more popular than Jahweh who was a knave so the Israelite priesthood with King Joseph's blessing decided to get rid of her. Poof, Judaism was monotheistic!

Did men invent god? This is more plausible than the myth in Genesis. Most religious texts were written in the Bronze age before logic and science arose. Many Americans hold the ancient Israelites in higher regard than the Greeks who were the true superstars of the ancient world.

The Greeks had their mythology and Gods,too,   but they also gave us science and logic.


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