Thursday, April 28, 2011

Capital Soup: Florida House passes resoultion to break down barrier to public aid to church schools

Tallahassee – Yesterday the Florida House of Representative passed House Joint Resolution (HJR) 1471, known as the Religious Freedom Act. The HJR proposes an amendment to Florida’s constitution that repeals  the Blaine Amendment language currently in Article I Section 3 of the Florida Constitution, which bars public aid to religious schools. 
Such a resolution has no substantive effect. Florida voters would have to approve such a change in a plebiscite. The GOP changed the Constitution so that changes must be approved by a super majority of 60 per cent of the voters. 
it is clear that the radical Republicans governor's office, house and senate would like to provide public aid to church schools, an old issue that was defeated in the courts decades ago. 
Rick Scott would like to voucherize the public school system and he would have to change the Florida Constitution to do it. This is what HRJ 1471 is really about.
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