Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarah Palin is a big advocate of Alaskan glory holes

Republican glory hole

Rightardia is not being factitious because a glory hole in Alaska has a completely different meaning than it does in the lower 49. 

Rightardia was watching a series on cable about Alaskan gold miners. In the teaser an old coot with a crazy voice tells his workers that they  are all millionaires and all they have to do is get the gold out of the ground. 

He then says,"It's your glory." More about that shortly.

There is a cut away for this scene and we see a miner asking where the gold is. 

The man who operates the shovel digs a large hole in the ground near a river bank until he hits bedrock. The gold dust lies on top of the bedrock. 

Conveyor belts and water pumps are used to remove the gold. 

In Alaska, this hole in the ground is called a 'glory hole." This term has a totally different meaning in other parts of the US.

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