Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rightardia links, blog list and recent comments

We made some changes to our blog so that we can add links to articles.

Keep in mind these are links to articles and not permanent links to the blog's home page.

We can also feature other blogs in out blog list. We have also added the "recent comments" gadget some of our reader's comments will be more visible.

When people ask us to exchange links  or feature their blog, we check the requesting blogs Netcraft and Alexa ratings. If your blog has similar Internet ratings to our blog, we will likely be interested.

We don't mind running gratis advertising for businesses that are friendly to the Democratic Party in the Tampa Bay area.

Send us your ad copy and we will run a one time ad without any consideration.

We are Democrats so everything we do is not about profit. 

A word of warning. We will check out your business and if we find out it is "fly by night" we will advise our viewers.

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Kelly said...

Rightardia is the best, i like your work.
Catherine A. Murphy

Rightardia said...

Thank you for the compliment. We do our best!