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You Tube Movie Review : The Whites

tribecafilm | May 2, 2009 
The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia on DVD is available in stores, on Amazon, Netflix & iTunes. Click to order on DVD: http://amznto/aYCmTL.

Tucked deeply in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains, the White family lives an existence more like something out of the Wild West than modern-day rural America. 

The legendary family is known as much for their disturbing and excessive ways as they are for their famous mountain tap dancing legacy, which includes living legend Jesco White (star of the PBS documentary Dancing Outlaw). 

From MTV Studios and executive producers Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine (Jackass), this edgy and often hilarious look into a dying breed of American outcasts exposes the powerful forces of corruption, poverty, and West Virginia's environmentally and culturally devastating coal mining culture.

Julien Nitzberg follows the Whites over the course of one year to document their tangled history, intelligently weaving a jaw-dropping portrait of a family that will live on in infamy. 

From stabbings and attempted murder to drug trafficking and a child custody battle, the Whites run the gamut of 'drama.' 

Nitzberg brings humor and levity to the White's shocking lifestyle, but he is quick to ground us in their cyclical, brutal reality.

Rightard Whitey claims he has kin who are "Whites." We believe him. He is one crazy SOB!

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