Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wikipedia compared to Conservapedia

Wikipedia has an 11 rating on Netcraft and an 8 on Alexa. This is quite impressive to have such high and converged ratings form two very different companies that rate Internet audiences.

Conservapedia is not so fortunate: It has a 77177 rating from Netcraft and 59154 rating from Alexa.

The Democgraphics are interesting, too. Wikipedia has very even distribution among the viewer ages and sex, and is overrepresented by people with graduate educations and under-represented by people with no college.

Conservapedia is greatly overrepresented by young people 18-24 and men. Most of the viewers have no college or some college. It is under-represented by viewers with college or graduate school.
From Conservapedia's Creation Wiki

The audiences of Wikipedia and Conservapedia are complementary and Rightradia doesn't mean that as a compliment to Conservapedia. The conservapedia crowd in younger, male and less educated than Wikipedia's.

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Netcraft rank: 6605

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