Monday, January 31, 2011

WH Blog: "All Governments Must Maintain Power through Consent, Not Coercion"

Posted by Jesse Lee on January 28, 2011 at 7:42 PM EST

From an overnight memo from his National Security Advisor, to a Presidential Daily Briefing that was 40 minutes in length and focused entirely on Egypt, and on through the day, the President and much of the White House spent the day focused on the unfolding situation in Egypt.  This evening the President spoke out after a phone call with President Mubarak.

Rightardia read an email from NewsMax that indicated Donald Trump, of all people, thinks the US is the laughing stock of the world and that we have a bad middle east policy. Trump is thinking about running for president.

Rightardia would imagine the main stream media would have a field day if Trump ran for president. Wasn't the current economic crises caused by real estate speculators like Trump?

Should the Us use the GOP solutions and foolishly rush in where angels fear to tred? If the US were to offer support to Mubarek , it could spur violence and demonstrations in other Arab counties.

The US is spending $2 billion a week in Afghanistan ans we don't need to start another foolish venture in the middle east to extend GW Bush's and Dick Cheney's evil empire. Apparently, this is what Trump thinks needs to be done.

Trump also implies we need to use our military power to bring oil prices down.

Trump wants to play hardball with China and stated that the that the Korean trade agreement is bad. Obama refused to sign the initial agreement and got concessions from the Koreans who will build more auto plants in the US.

The US economy would suffer greatly if we got into a trade war with China. It's Chinese investment that is keeping the US afloat and China and Japan are two of the biggest owners of the US national debt.

Trump's ideas might have worked in the Old America post GW Bush.  His ideas are hopelessly dated in the multi-polar world that now exists.

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