Saturday, January 29, 2011

Science Daily: Climatic Fluctuations in Last 2,500 Years Linked to Social Upheavals

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2011) — There are striking chronological parallels between significant variations of climate and major historical epochs, such as the Migration Period and the heyday of the Middle Ages.

This is the conclusion reached following a study undertaken by researchers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the USA, in which they were able to reconstruct the summer climate in Europe over the last 2,500 years from the information provided by annual tree rings.

This is interesting because there has been a lot of social and economic upheaval in Europe: Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland and now in the Middle East. We also have a financial and real estate collapse in the US.

The entire planet is facing a global warming crises.

Story Source: The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Universit├Ąt Mainz.

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