Friday, January 14, 2011

Rick Scott tries to become the Dictator of Florida

Rick Scott's Power Grab

Immediately after taking office, Rick Scott signed an executive order that froze new regulations.

He then found out that he doesn't have any legal authority to veto regulations in the Chief Financial Officer's Office that used to be called Lieutenant Governor office, the Attorney Generals office or the Agricultural Commissioners office. 

So he  sent request to Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to voluntary accede to his veto authority.

All three told Scott, "not only no, but hell no!"

State Cabinet members who were elected independently. Of the three the Attorney General Office certainly needs a Separation of Powers from the governor's office to avoid political influence in criminal and civil investigations.

Rightardia applauds the three cabinet member for holding their ground.

Is it a good idea to freeze regulations? if Scott knew more about government, he would have thought twice about doing that. When the legislature changes the law, the state agencies have to write new regulations to reflect the changes.

If these new regulations aren't published, the changes to the law won't be reflected which will cause confusion for Floridians. Arbitrarily freezing all state regulations was a bad idea.

Essentially, Scott is saying I can disregard the will of the people and their elected representative by freezing regulatory changes that I don't agree with.

St. Petersburg Times

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A more in-depth article on the Rick Scott power grab appeared in the St. Petersburg Times:
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