Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Queen of the Tea Party, wants to cut $4.5 billion from the health care, earned in blood on the battlefields, for our American
military veterans.

A host of veterans groups slammed Bachmann’s plan:

–Veterans of Foreign War national commander Richard L. Eubank said,

The only discussion the VFW wants is to tell the congresswoman that her plan is totally out of step with America’s commitment to our veterans.

No way, no how, will we let this proposal get any tractionin Congress,” said Eubank. “There are certain things you do not do when our nation is at war, and at the top of that list is not caring for our wounded and disabled servicemen and women when they return home. 

I want her to look those disabled veterans in the eye and tell them their service and sacrifice is too expensive for the nation to bear.

The National Veterans Foundation’s Rich Rudnick told ThinkProgress that Bachmann’s plan is

Terribly misguided. Veterans benefits are minimal to begin with and that Bachmann’s scheme would be a “real step backwards.

Cutting back on the VA right now would be showing contempt for American servicemembers’ sacrifices.
Disabled American Veterans Washington Headquarters Executive Director
David Gorman said Bachmann’s plan is:

 “[s]uch an ill-advised proposal[it] is nothing short of heartless.

It is unconscionable that while our nation is at war someone would even think of forcing our wounded warriors to sacrifice even more than they already have.

Their injuries and disabilities were the result of their service to the nation, and our nation must not shirk its responsibilities toward them. 

How do you tell a veteran who has lost a limb that he or she has not sacrificed enough? Yet Rep. Bachmann wants to do just that.

Veterans for Common Sense executive director Paul Sullivan said"

Cutting veterans’ health care spending is an ill-advised move at a time when the number of veterans continues to grow as troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan. It's is really astonishing to see this. Chairman Ashwin Madia said,

Michelle Bachmann’s plan would turn veterans away from the care they’ve earned and deserve. Congress voted for two wars that have created many veterans that now need help, and we cannot – and will not – turn our backs to them.

That’s bad policy that I think even a majority of Republican voters will stand squarely against.

You might think Bacmann's views aren't shared by other Republicans. Think again! the GOP has a very chequered record when it come to supporting veterans.

Democrats do a much better job of supporting America's vets. This is very clear in the voting record of the two political parties.

If you are a vet and vote Republican,  all Rightardia can say is were so sorry.

Join the dumb and proud in the Tea Party.

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