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Media Matters: Fox news uses talk radio shill to misrepresent global warming data

January 28, 2011 11:49 am ET
Fox & Friends hosted right-wing radio host Brian Sussman to cast doubt on global warming science by, in part, misrepresenting Arctic sea ice and temperature data. Fox & Friends portrayed Sussman as a credible expert on climate change despite his history of using misinformation to attack global warming science. 

Sussman Attempts To Cast Doubt On Global Warming By Suggesting Arctic Sea Ice Is Expanding. On the January 27 edition of Fox & Friends, Sussman stated global warming "is a shakedown operation being conducted by political activists with Ph.Ds who at the end of the day want to see cap and trade imposed upon the United States."

Sussman went on to cite Arctic sea ice data and temperatures to purportedly explain "really what's happening":

STEVE DOOCY (co-host): So we got fifteen inches of snow here in New York City overnight, and there are lot of people who are saying, look, the reason why we're having these severe weather patterns - you know, it's really hot in the summer now and we have these great big storms in the summer and all this dumping of winter weather is because global warming has screwed up everything.

SUSSMAN: This is a shakedown operation being conducted by political activists with Ph.Ds who at the end of the day want to see cap and trade imposed upon the United States. But here, really what's happening, Steve, this is weather. They keep saying, well, the Arctic was really warm and as a result we're seeing the jet stream dip down.

The Arctic during the month of December was 25 to 30 degrees below zero. That's not warm. The month of December -- during the month of December, the Arctic ice refroze 1.2 million square miles. The Arctic is covered with ice right now. These are machinations that defy the imagination. [Fox News' Fox & Friends, 1/27/11]

In Fact, Arctic Sea Ice Extent In December Was The Lowest In The Satellite Record For That Month.

Global warming deniers love to mix up short term weather changes in the US with long term climate studies. This, of course,is comparing apples to oranges.

Men like Brian Sussman are anti-intellectual shills who often receive funds from the energy industry political action committees to spew disinformation about global warming.

Studies in the Arctic and particularly Greenland confirm global warming is real. The Antarctic is also birthing large icebergs into the sea.

Many prophesies indicates the world is entering the watery world of the Age of Aquarius.

According to the Esoteric Christian tradition, such as the Rosicrucians, the proximity and entrance in the Age of Aquarius—occurring after the present Age of Pisces, or age ruled by the "Sword"—will bring to the majority of human beings the discovery, true living and real knowledge of the inner and deeper Christian teachings which the Christ spoke of in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10.

This age is regarded as an intermediary preparation toward the Christ in the etheric plane, the New Galilee: the "new heavens and a new earth" to come at an unknown point in the future.

source: Wikipedia

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