Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kodak Z710 camera review

First of all, this is not a state of the art digital camera. The latest cameras are around 12 megapixels (MP). This camera is a 7.1 MP. Rightardia  liked the price.  On Ebay with shipping it is under $80 and even less on 

The feature we liked most is that is a single lens reflex (SLR) which means if you look through the viewfinder rather than at the LCD display, you will see your image exactly as the camera has it composed.

An SLR under $100 is a great price. It also has a LCD display and has several modes: close-up, portrait, video, landscape, auto and so forth to name a few.

It comes with a 2GB SD Ram card that should be enough for most users. We installed the SD card in a USB memory card reader and had no difficulty looking at the images on a Linux Fedora laptop.

It comes with the excellent Kodak EasyShare Windows software, a battery, a neck strap and a USB cable with a mini USB cable connector that is needed to connect the camera to a computers USB port. There are loads of accessories and lenses for this camera on Ebay.

The 10x zoom is great!

The Schneider Krueznach lens is quite sharp and there are lens filters and adapters you can buy for the is camera on Ebay for under $30.00.

The bad news: No image stabilization; slow performance; and the camera can low light no better than ISO 400. ISO 400 will meet most user requirements.

We were impressed how the camera worked in low light conditions. The image we saw in the viewfinder looked like something you would see with night vision goggles.

The digital image at night was faithful to the viewfinder.

The bottom line: Kodak's Z710 has some nice features and a good lens, but slow performance and no image stabilization.

if you ever have a problem with the camera, you can get it repaired for $89. 


The techs will:

  • Run your camera through our certified testing process

  • Replace your cameras main control board

  • Test the unit and confirm full functionality 

  • Verify your camera has the most up-to-date firmware

  • Complete a final external cleaning of the unit

  • Ship your unit back at no additional charge

  • The bottom line: Kodak's Z710 has some great features, a great lens, but slow performance and no image stabilization>. For the price, Rightardia is very satisfied.

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