Sunday, January 30, 2011

HBO: Bill Maher Overtime 1/21/2011

It looks like Bill Maher has closed his old blog down and is now using the HBO blog for his blogging. Unfortunately, the HBO blog doesn't contain any of Maher jokes on the show.

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towercam said...

This is crappy! The nearly continual buffering and rebuffering makes it unpleasant to watch/hear.
Either present it well or don't present it!!

Rightardia said...

We couldn't reproduce the problem. We looked at the video on a old HP NC8000 laptop and it ran fine.

This could be a local Internet problem on your end or even an issue with your operating system, particularity if you are using XP Pro. this video was streamed from an HBO server.

Rightardia said...

I am certain the problem is with the HBO media server. Another video I downloaded from the Maher HBO site barely ran. I have had similar problems with the Colbert Report videos.

Some won't even load after I post the HTML embed.