Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt revolution puts Israel and the US in a pickle

Hosni Mubarak’s leadership of Egypt is likely very close to over.

Mubarak is an American ally which  leaves the U.S. Department of State in rather a pickle.

Some, like former George W. Bush deputy Brad Blakeman says it’s time to go all in with the Egyptian protestors, but Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers is refuses to think the problem is that simple to solve.

Egypt is no longer a belligerent toward Israel because of the Camp David accords. 

The US pays billions of dollars to Egypt as part of the Camp David accords. of course, the new Egyptian government could throw this agreement out the window,

Israel stupidly offended the Turkish government, Israel's biggest Islamic ally and refuses to apologize for interdicting a peaceful Turkish ship convoy to the Gaza. The Turks have a far larger navy than Israel and the Air Forces are equivalent.

If the Turks and Egyptians form an alliance, this could mean big trouble for Israel. Throw in Syria into the mix and Iranian nukes and Israel could be in a world of hurt!

Then add in recent revelations about the Palestinian Authority (PA)  who  agreed to give away East Jerusalem in negotiations with Israel two years ago. We think the PA is finished and Hamas will be strengthened over this disclosure.

It would be great if the government of Benjamin Netanyahu would dissolve over his crises. He is hardly equipped to deal with such dynamic changes in the Middle East. What conservative is equipped to deal with change?

A diplomatic leader of Israel like Tzipi Livni is greatly needed now!

source: Mediate

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