Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DCCC names GOP Hypocrite of the Week

The DCCC today named incoming Representative Joe Walsh (IL-08) the Hypocrite of the Week for his populist campaign against the status quo in Washington.

This weekend Joe Walsh  declared that government takes "care of too many in the middle class" and this weekend’s revelation that he hired a Wall Street lobbyist to be his Chief of Staff.

This weekend:  Walsh says that government takes "care of too many in the middle class" and he hired a chief of staff -- a Capitol Hill veteran who has lately been a financial services lobbyist.” [New York Times, 12/26/10]

"It’s looking like Representative-elect Joe Walsh sold out the middle class before he even got sworn into Congress," said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

When Joe Walsh says that government has done too much for the middle class it must warm the heart of his Wall Street staff and special interest donors – but it leaves Illinois families out in the cold. Walsh ran his campaign to stand up for the middle class and but has already sold them out and that is what makes Joe Walsh the hypocrite of the week.

Rightardia has pointed out that the GOP is a master of class warfare. Republicans  has convinced many people, who should know better, that codling the affluent is good for the middle class.  

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