Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bob Schieffer Guest Calls Americans Lazy, Obese

Although the clip from CBS’s Face The Nation is not as confrontational as the title might suggest, it’s actually pretty funny.

Bob Schieffer annually hosts a round table in an attempt to bring together for an intellectual conversation four authors who wrote serious historical or political books. This year authors Ron Chernow (Washington: A Life), Arianna Huffington (Third World America), Edmund Morris (Colonel Roosevelt), and Bob Woodward (Obama’s Wars.
Rightardia doesn't think that Americans are lazy, but we know we are number three in the world in obesity.

Rightardia thinks a lot of the Tea Baggers are naive high school Harries and Harrietts who are anti-intellectual because they didn't invest any time in higher education. Many of these people who lack education have seen the businesses, that they had owned or corporation they had worked for, fail.

Did the government cause the collapse.?Well, the Bush administration did what the big corporations wanted and expedited the collapse, but the collapse was caused by the misdeeds of the corporations, not the government.

The bailout of the big banks may have been a mistake under TARP 1 and TARP 2. All the bailout did was protect the investments of the billionaires and millionaires. The small investors were protected by FDIC rules.

In iceland, the electorate voted down the bailout of the banks and Icleand is doing well economically. The small businessmen, fisherman and farmers rejected the bailout of the most affluent citizens. 

Of course, iceland is the oldest democracy in the world and they have a direct democracy. In the US we are an indirect democracy that elects people to make decisions for the electorate. 

There are no national plebiscites in the US. These are needed.

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