Friday, October 29, 2010

WIN: NYU Grad Student Workers Get NLRB Hearing

10/29/10 By Doug Cunningham
NYU grad students who work as teaching and research assistant are getting a National Labor Relations Board hearing on their workplace rights. Hundreds of these grad student workers had a union contract in place when their collective bargaining rights were taken from them by a Bush administration NLRB decision.

Emma Kreyche is a member of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee UAW local at NYU.

Kreyche: “Like any other worker we want a union so we can bargain collectively about issues of wages and benefits and workplace issues and to achieve some degree of security and stability in the workplace. So what we’re asking is not any different from any other workers who have the right to bargain collectively would be asking.”

If this NLRB hearing restores NYU teaching and research assistant bargaining, rights there would be a new union representation election. Kreyche says a majority of the roughly 1800 grad student workers at NYU support the union. NYU, however, is refusing to recognize and bargain with them.

Kreyche 2: “They’ve repeatedly denied our right to unionize. They’ve attempted to union bust in many different ways on many different occasions. They could volunteer to recognize us but they haven’t. The thing to keep in mind is that this has implications for private universities across the country, so NYU I imagine sees itself as holding the line for private universities all over the United States. So it has broader implications than just our struggle here.”

Rightardia has mentioned that elections do have consequences and the Republicans ignore labor and safety law when they take the presidency. Because the GOP is anti-union, it fills up the NLRB with right wing shills and toadies when it can.This is why the graduate students lost the ability to organize. 

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