Saturday, October 30, 2010

WIN: Canadian Auto Workers: Enough Is Enough On Concessions

Submitted by Doug Cunningham on October 28, 2010 - 3:31pm

The Canadian Auto Workers union is drawing a line in the sand regarding concessions. Jesse Russell reports:
During rallies throughout the Canadian province of Onatario on Wednesday auto workers said “enough is enough” to automakers demanding concessions while they see substantial profits.

At a rally in Windsor a local President demanded that the suppliers stop trying to force workers to accept a two-tier wage system, slash pensions, and reduce wages.

The union is also calling on auto assembly plants to stop pushing costs onto the auto part companies. The CAW is currently in negotiations with auto parts companies throughout the province.

The unions stance is that the workers offered up enough concessions during the recession and now that things are turning around it is time for the companies to stop making what they see as unreasonable demands.

Last Saturday workers voted in favor of strike action at Canadian Engineering, one of the companies currently in negotiations with the union. The company has set a November 4 deadline to reach a contract agreement.

Rightardia has always been a strong supporter of labor and agrees labor has done enough. We noticed GM union workers in Indianapolis balked at a 50 per cent cut in pay and closed a plant down in Indianapolis. Undoubtedly, this shocked the pants off the plant managers. Unions need to take a stand like the Indianapolis workers and stop rolling over.


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