Friday, October 29, 2010

Republicans trying to sell the American Dream

This is a typical GOP ad. Marco Rubio starts off by claiming America is greatest country in the world. Rightardia has refuted this right wing claim on numerous occasions.

The US rarely even places in the top ten on international indexes.

Rubio then claims by following the Democratic approach, America will lose its 'excecptionalism." Well, after Republicans drive he US into a ditch and the right wing militarism and tax cuts for the 'have mores' won't solve anything.

It's hard to be exceptional when most of you industries have been of shored. 

Rubio claims to be the sons of a maid and a bar tender. Yes, his mother and father had to take new jobs when they emigrated form Cuba. but many emigres had posh situations in Cuba until the Castro revolution.

Rubio wants the US to follow the corporatist model that funds the GOP. It was the failure of US corporatism with the encouragement of the Bush administration that got us into the ditch in the first place.

Rubio also suggests that every generations has faced big challenges. Yes, and usually it was the Democrats who did the 'hard lifting' to meet the challenge.

Rubio suggest we must chose between a Castro style communist government and the fascist model of the GOP. This is a false canard.

The Democrats have never advocated state-sponsored socialist economic model. Programs like unemployment insurance, Social Security and national health care are are common in the other industrial nations of the world. These countries have mixed economies like the US. The fact is that a collectivist government approach may be more effective than a fragmented corporatist approach like the ones the insurance companies have established for health care.

You have to give the devil his due. Rubio is either a very convincing lair and or he actually a true believer in Republican ideology. The latter may be the case because he is first generation American.

It appears that the GOP changed from family values, the Bush Ownership society and now "The American Dream."

The American Dream is a middle class dream that the GOP is unlikely to fulfill. 

The GOP American dream goes something like this: you have a class system of 'have nots,' 'haves' and 'have mores.' The educational system is there to produce workers for corporations and anything that is taught that dos not benefit a corporation is unnecessary.

The primary role of the government is to fight communism, socialism and social change in other parts of the world. War is good.

The GOP American dream continues: Every one should go to Church because people who are :God fearing ' will worry less about their pay and benefits and worry more about salvation.

All unions should be banned because it will reduce corporate profits.Unions are also socialistic. This does not correlate at all with the Democratic American dream of a fairer society that distributes the fruits of one's labor better and builds a stronger middle class.

The GOP American dream will have little benefit to the middle class and the poor. 

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