Thursday, September 30, 2010

Politico: Palin a 'half-baked Alaskan'

Alex Isenstadt - 9/30/10 12:22 PM EDT
By ALEX ISENSTADT | 9/30/10 12:22 PM EDT
Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is hoping to raise money by warning supporters about an enemy even more menacing than “Taliban Dan Webster." That would be Sarah Palin’s zombie horde.

In a rambling, pop-culture-laden new fundraising appeal out Thursday morning, Grayson slams Palin, whom he derides as a “half-baked Alaskan” and “Her Tweetness" PLIN predictably endorsement grayson's GOP foe, Daniel Webster, on Palin’s Twitter account.

What is it about Sarah Palin and Twitter?” Grayson writes. “Is Palin fond of tweeting because she can draft a tweet on her palm? Is it that 140 characters represents the maximum length of Sarah Palin's attention span?

Grayson also claims that Palin is targeting him “like she was shooting a moose from a helicopter . . . "

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