Thursday, September 30, 2010

Democrats are going after John Boehner

Last week it was alleged that John Boehner was having an affair with with a printing lobbyist. Now Rightardia got a preview of a DNC anti-Boehner ad. We like it.

We think the state of unemployment, Ohio, will get it, too.

Leader Boehner claims he doesn't use a sun lamp or a cosmetic product to get that sun tanned look. Republicans say Boehner drinks too much and doesn't have a lot of energy.

It is possible that Boehner has Addison's disease or secondary adrenal insufficiency. This would explain his skin color and lack of energy.

John Boehner should release his medical records. As his opponent, Justin Coussoule, put it:

It is a David vs Goliath campaign, although in this case, Goliath is a drunken, orange-tinged golfer whose pockets are bulging with bribe money from Wall Street, Big Pharma, Real Estate interests and Big Tobacco


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